What To Do With A Leaking Roof

What To Do With A Leaking Roof

With the rains of the last week or so in Mesa and Phoenix, lots of residents have been calling asking about what to do with a leaking roof. Quick action when your roof is leaking can mean the difference between having an annoying drip in a bucket and having the ceiling either become infested with potentially dangerous mold, or come down entirely. Here’s a guide to how to handle those annoying roof leaks.

Minimize Damage With Immediate Action

Clearly if you’re reading this you’ve got some indication that your roof isn’t holding the water where it should be, namely outside. Firstly move any valuables away from the leaky area. Things like electronics or furniture don’t generally play well with water so get them out of the way right up front.

Then get a bucket or a trash can and set it under the area that you’re seeing water. Now get a stool or ladder, depending on how high your ceiling is, and find the center of the bulge. Take a screwdriver and stab it straight in the center of the bulge area.

You might think, “I’m trying to save my roof, not destroy it”. But the simple fact is ceilings weren’t designed to carry the weight of the water, nor do you want the water soaking into all of you insulation and other building materials in your attic.

The hole you make will let the water drain smoothly. This will relieve the weight of the water on the rest of your ceiling. It’ll be a heck of a lot easier to fix a screwdriver puncture than say if the weight of the water causes your entire ceiling to come down.

Decide If Roof Repair Really Is DIY

A few loose shingles or tiles might seem like an easy fix, and it might be. The ability to inspect the entire roof and see problems coming is the job of professional roofers. If you have a few years building houses and have done some roofing, fixing a small problem can be an easy weekend fix.

But if you don’t have the experience climbing up on that roof in bad weather, while it is wet and slippery can put you in a bad spot. Honestly evaluate your skills for fixing the problem.  Knowing what to look for to successfully repair the roof can be tricky, problems like to hide. You run the risk of proudly fixing your roof on Saturday and setting your buckets back out on Sunday, when it starts leaking again . .. from somewhere.

Evaluate Your Roofer’s Evaluation

You might not be a contractor with the skills and tools to fix the roof yourself. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be aware of hallmarks of a good roofing contractor. This will help you weed out less experienced or downright roofing imposters. There are a lot handymen looking for work that can handle basic tasks. Roofing can be a bit tricky and it’s the experience that matters. Make sure you’ve got a Real Roofer and not Hank The Handyman taking care of your roof.

Watch for these real roofer hallmarks during the evaluation:

  • The inspector looks at both the exterior and interior of your roof. This means they will have to walk the roof and get into the attic to properly assess the damage.
  • Make sure that your inspector looks at and talks about the condition of the underside of the roof sheeting.
  • Ultimately they need to assess the entire roof, it’s covering, and any internal pooling or damage to your roof.
  • When they’ve completed their inspection they should have a game plan for how to proceed. A clear bid for the complete job with specific costs is expected here. Don’t fall into a “price as we go” situation.

Got A Leaky Roof In Phoenix or Mesa?

Give the experts at Right Way Roofing a call. Their free roof inspections will help identify the problem and their wealth of experience will help get your roof back in shape so that the next storm doesn’t end up putting a damper on your inside plans as well.

Right Way Roofing:

480-232-5458  – East Valley/Mesa

602-299-8851 – West Valley/Phx


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