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Trees and your Roof

Trees add a lot to the appearance and feel of a property and its landscape and give your home an enhanced sense of character. As much as trees bring to the table as far as benefits go, they can also be very damaging. Trees that sit close to your home can create difficulties for your roof with debris  and easier access for animals etc. We are going to go over some of the ways that trees can affect your roof when in close proximity to it.

Branches rubbing against your roof:  As the wind blows, close tree branches can bump and rub against your shingles. This can lead to shingle damage, losing entire shingles and holes developing in your roof. Depending on how close to your house the tree is, the branches could eventually put pressure on your roof and cause certain components to become warped and unbalanced. The effects of warping on your roof can lead to further issues such as leaks and pest infestation as opening are created. This can lead to costly repairs or tedious shingle replacement which can be a major hassle. Pruning the branches of the trees that are close to your house is very important as well as beneficial.

Leaf debris building up: Leaf build up can impede the designed path that water is supposed to travel down the slope of your roof. When the natural path is blocked, the water will make its way underneath the shingles and run under your roofs protective later. This is a very common cause of roof leaks and any roof is vulnerable to this. No matter how well the roof was constructed, if it is not kept clear of obstruction, you could be in line for an expensive repair project.

Vines: Vines affect your roof in a very similar way as tree branches; vines can grab and penetrate through shingles which allows water to easily enter into the area under your shingles and eventually into your home. Paying close attention to any vines and where they are spreading to can help you avoid the litany of issues they can create for your roofing.

Properly keeping your trees pruned and maintained is important when it comes to caring for a roof that has trees that reside close to it. Trees are beautiful and are a desirable addition to almost any property but you do need to account for them if you don’t want them to adversely affect your roof and your home by extension.


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