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Tradesman can Damage Your Roof

Living in Arizona, having technicians working on your roof is very normal. From roof mounted air conditioning units to satellite dishes, most houses in the area have one or more appliances based on their roofs. Having these appliances placed on our roofs means that any work done on them will also need to take place on your roof as well. This means people walking, using tools and installing heavy equipment onto your roofing material who are not roofers. Many of the techniques used to install and maintain these appliances do not take the integrity of your roof into consideration and end up leaving you at risk for leaks and other roof related issues.

Having a satellite dish technician install a satellite on your roof involves the base for the dish being attached to your shingles and roofing with large and lengthy screws. Sometimes caulking is placed around the screws, but this will only temporarily keep water from leaking in through the screw holes. Over time wind will cause our dish to rock back and forth which will loosen the caulking and the seal along the surface of your roofing around the screw hole will be broken. Once the seal is broken water will trickle in every time it rains, which can be pretty brutal during monsoon season.

Air Conditioning technicians bring heavy tool boxes with them onto your roof. Dropping these heavy tool boxes or any of the tools can tear the roofing material. Truthfully, a visit from the A/C man will almost always damage your flashing. If a Freon line is being repaired the pitch pan flashing will be opened and damaged. It’s unfortunate, but it comes with the territory of being an Arizona home owner. Keeping your appliances properly maintained is a must just like keeping your roofing in good condition. Finding a way to balance both is vital.

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