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Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you have a commercial facility, maintaining your roofing system is an inevitable reality that you have probably already been faced with. Getting the most out of your roofing system should be a major priority because it plays such a large role in the overall efficiency of your commercial facility. Here are some dos and don’ts to for caring for your commercial roof.


  • Have routine inspections performed at least twice annually. The guarantee on your roofing may require a certain number of inspections to be performed throughout the year. The end of winter and the end of summer are the ideal times to have inspections performed as they are the harshest seasons of the year.
  • Have inspections performed after events such as severe storms, high wind, fire, possible explosions, or hail. Taking constant note of the condition of your roofing only enhances your ability to get the most out of your roof.
  • Keep the records of your inspection in a file where they can be referenced in the future.
  • Log all trips to the roof by any technicians or employees. Take measures to keep tools etc from being dropped on the roofing and possibly damaging it.
  • Clean your roof regularly.
  • Create a protocol for accessing your roof. Keep all access points locked when they are not in use.
  • Keep roofing drains clean



  • Allow any person who is less than qualified to access your roof.
  • Allow anyone other than a certified technician to alter your roof in any way.
  • Allow any unqualified person to clean your roof with a power washer or any other heavy equipment.
  • Store or move heavy equipment across your roofing.
  • Puncture the membrane of the roofing.
  • Neglect your roofing maintenance for any reason. Your roof is your facilities first and most important line of defense against the elements and is the biggest contributor to your buildings overall energy efficiency.

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