Which Type Of Residential Roofing Do I Have?

Which Type Of Residential Roofing I Have

Right Way Roofing in Mesa knows that our job isn’t just to repair residential roofing.  We want you to be able to understand what type of residential roof you have.  This will help you understand how to maintain it and make it last longer. It will also help you know when it’s time to call in some back up and hire a professional.

Depending on the budget and era one of many different types of roofing were used to build your roof.  There are 7 different types of roofing systems.  We’ll take a look at each of them here.

Types Of Residential Roofing Systems

The key to any residential roof lasting as long as possible in Mesa, is keeping your eyes to the sky.  Be aware of its condition and notice when there are shingles missing or damaged spots.  This will save you roofing repairs and help prevent damage to the internal structure of your home.  Simply keeping debris like leaves and branches off your roof will make all of the roofing systems last longer in Mesa, AZ.

  • Slate Roofing – Being a natural stone roofing option slate has a beautiful appearance.  It is also one of the longest lasting roofing materials on the market.  There are two types of slate roofing, hard and soft.  The hard variety of slate roofing is said to last around 75 – 200 years.  The soft slate residential roofing lasts about 50 – 125 years.  Telling the difference can be a bit tricky.  Generally black slate is the soft type of slate roofing.  Colored slate is usually your harder, longer lasting variety.  The best roofers will be able to tell the difference for you simply by tapping on one of the slate tiles.  If your roof is made of this type of material it does require a little maintenance. Read more about Mesa Slate Roofs here.
  • Slate Maintenance – Despite residential slate roofs reputation of lasting for hundreds of years they do break down. If you have noticed any leaks you’re going to have a decision ahead of you.  If you happen to have the hard variety it may be well worth the investment to restore the roof.  This might mean an additional 100 years of use.  However if you have a soft slate roof it might be better to just replace it.
  • Shingle RoofingShingle roofs were one of the most common and widely used residential roofing materials used nationwide.  It’s easy for a home owner to tell if this is the type of roofing they have in Mesa.  They are pretty simply made which made them inexpensive to install.  They were made with a base of wood fiber, paper or cellulose and then coated with asphalt.  The asphalt made them waterproof.  A top coating of ceramic granules are embedded within an additional layer of asphalt to help with durability and provide grip for walking on your roof. More about shingle roofing systems.
  • Shingle Maintenance – Being one of the least costly residential roofing options in Mesa repair is also cheap and easy. Hiring a professional roofing company will ensure that the repairs are done right the first time.  It will also keep you out of the sun and safely on the ground.  Things you can do for yourself are pretty easy.  Keep debris off your roof, use a hose to get leaves and small sticks off your roof.  If you see shingles are missing call your Mesa roofing company or run down to the hardware store and get them replaced.  Prompt action with missing shingles will save you costly repairs later.
  • Metal Roofing – As much as metal roofing is considered one of the longest lasting most durable materials, it still needs to be monitored and cared for.  It’s easy to tell if this is the roofing type you have.
  • Metal Maintenance – Keeping debris off all of roofing systems is paramount to preventing backup, and leaks. Metal roofing requires a few other considerations. Be aware of anywhere in your roof where you have heat vents, chimneys, or oil condensers.  These items can exhaust chemicals that can corrode the metal and destroy paint.  Either call for a free roofing inspection, or get a ladder and look for loose roof sheets, fasteners, flashings or even punctures from objects that might have fallen on your roof.
  • EPDM Roofing – EPDM is an incredibly durable rubber roofing membrane.  EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It’s very common with low slope roof systems in Mesa.  You’ll know if this is your roof type because of its rubber feel.  It is also generally white in color.
  • EPDM Maintenance – Periodic examination of the coating will help prevent unnoticed areas to get worse. As with most roofs keeping the debris off the roof is critical in keeping it in good condition.  If you notice damage it is critical to use the right materials to repair it.  Your local Mesa roofing company can help you get this done.  If you venture to do this yourself make sure not to use anything that is normally used for asphalt roofs.  It will destroy your EPDM membrane and lead to additional repairs.

Free Residential Roof Inspection and Professional Residential Roof Repair In Mesa, AZ

Some residential roofs in Mesa are easy to identify.  Some of the synthetic polymer roofs need an expert to determine which system was used.   A free roof inspection will do a few things.  Firstly you’ll know for sure which type of residential roof you have.  Secondly you will know if there is any damage.  Lastly you will understand if there are any repairs and what it will take to get your roof back to 100%.

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