Spanish Tile Roofs Phoenix

Spanish Tile Roofs Phoenix

Spanish tile roofing is best when used on roofs that have a pitch that is 20° or greater. With steeper roofs there is a better visual presentation of the tiles and can really step up the curb appeal of your home. With extended durability, beautiful appearance, and even thermal insulating properties Spanish tile roofs in Phoenix help increase the comfort and value of any home.

Spanish Tile Roofing Process

Level The Playing Field – Before tile is laid down the roof needs to be completely level. If decking has sagged over the years or is broken in any way it should be repaired and brought back to being level before anything is installed. This helps protect your home and makes the tile work properly and stay in place.

Quality Underlayment – After the roof is level a layer must be put over the plywood decking. This helps protect the wood from moisture, rot, and mold. At Right Way Roofing we use only the best underlayment. In fact the underlayment we use in our roofing projects can be used as a standalone roofing system. We are dedicated to quality and work that will last. Ultimately the quality of your underlayment will play a major role in how long your roof lasts.

Spanish Tile Hanging – Next we methodically secure each and every tile to your roof. Using only the best techniques, tools, and processes recommended by the manufacturer. This means that tiles will stay in place longer, be water tight, and your roof will simply last longer. There are color variants in Spanish tile, and we will help you with the selection process to achieve the look you are dreaming of.

Spanish Tile Roof Repair & Maintenance

Many homes in Phoenix already feature Spanish roofing materials. If your roof is leaking during rainstorms you need to get it under control immediately. Leaking water might seem like a minor nuisance, but it can drastically degrade air quality, ruin insulation, and ultimately cause your home’s structure to weaken.

Seeking The Solution

Before you can fix a problem, you have to find where it is coming from. Water might be dripping down onto a certain part of your ceiling and leaking through, but the missing tile could be much further up. Water can run down a truss and drip much further away than where it entered. The first step is always looking for damaged or missing tiles. Inspecting the attic for signs of water entry and looking at the roof surface is the only way to reliably track down the problem spots.

Spanish Tile Repair Process

Once your roofing crew has found the problem area the repair plan will be explained to you. This will include the labor costs and all of the materials needed to repair your roofing. Every job is different and can range from having to rebuild compromised structural elements to simply having to replace and secure a single tile. If your home has gutters, which most do, they might need to be removed during the roof repair process. If they are old or damage this is a good time to get new replacements.

Older Spanish tile roofs can be fragile and walking on them can cause them to move and crack. For this reason if repairs must be done in the middle of the roof a row of tiles might need to be removed to create a path to do the work.


Spanish Tile Roofers Phoenix

If your Phoenix home has Spanish tile and needs repair, or you would like to replace that shingle roof with a longer lasting more visually attractive roofing alternative Right Way Roofing has you covered. Give us a call to talk about the new roofing you need, or the leaks you experienced during the last storm.