Mesa Slate Roofs

Mesa Slate Roofs

Welcome To – We are a slate roof installation company in Mesa, AZ providing Mesa slate roof repair, slate roof installation, and slate roof maintenance.

Slate Rock Used To Make Slate Roof SystemsWhat is a slate roof – A slate roof is a type of roofing system created with foliated, fine-grained, homogeneous metaphoric rock. Metaphoric rock is mined from quarries in large blocks that get cut down into individual shingles. These aren’t the flexible type of rubberized shingles you are used to seeing, these “shingles” are made from pure hard rock. Thus being said, each shingle is unique in appearance.

Slate Roof Installation

Slate Roof Installation Mesa

Slate roofing installers know that slate is one of the most durable types of roofing systems available in the industry. Installing a slate roof ensures that your roof with last for a century or longer.

However, not every slate roof installation company knows how to install a slate roof properly. Slate is a specialized roofing system that requires a complicated installation. Don’t fall for roofers who do not have experience in installing slate.

Besides installing the slate itself, one of the most important parts of any roofing system is the flashings and underlayment. These two parts of the installation also affect the longevity of your roofing system. Right Way Roofing Inc uses the most durable underlayment system in the roofing industry.

Slate Installation Style Options

  • Standard Slate Roof Installation
  • Graduated Slate Roofs Installation
  • Textural Slate Roofs Installation

Slate Roofing Colors Options 

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Purple

Slate Roofing Is Durable & Requires Low Maintenance

Slate is a natural stone than is more durable than any man made roofing systems. Its high-density make your roof waterproof and will even provides protection in case of a fire. Slate is also mold and fungus resistant. Slate roofing is maintenance free and doesn’t need to be repair often.

Slate Roofing Increases Your Home’s Value

Slate roof installation for your home increases your homes resale value. Also, slate roofing attractiveness might just help you home sell quicker.

Slate Roofing System Estimate

To get an estimate on slate roofing installation in Mesa Arizona call us today at 480-232-5458 or 602-299-8851.

Read Our 5 Star Slate Roofing Reviews in Mesa

Read our 5 star slate roofing reviews from satisfied clients.

“Owned by 3rd generation roofers, employing hand-picked and personally trained people, doing quality installations at competitive prices. I would not have my roofing work done by anyone else, and have not since I was introduced to the Right Way over 13 years ago. 3 houses, 5 different projects – they are simply THE BEST!” ~Ron

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