The Pro’s of Shingles

Shingles are the most popular roofing system found in the United States BY FAR.  Estimates have as many as 70% of homes in the US utilize shingled systems for their roofing. Great for sloped roofs, shingles are an efficient and cost effective alternative to using tile, metal or wood roofing systems.  Shingles are so popular that they are almost synonymous with roofs.

Shingles are very durable which makes them appropriate for use in any climate from mild to extreme.  Numerous manufacturers make countless styles of shingles and high quality shingle systems can have lifetimes of up to 50 years! Finding shingles that match your desired aesthetic as shingles manufacturers are producing more and more styles to the point that you are almost guaranteed to be able to find an appropriate style that fits with the rest of your home.

Shingle Benefits:

  • Durability, shingles will cover your roof adequately for generations
  • Shingles carry some of the best manufacturer warranties in all of roofing
  • Vast selection of styles and colors are available
  • More affordable than tile, wood and metal roofing


One of the major advancements over the past quarter century in the world of shingles is the addition of fiberglass to the shingles. Before fiberglass was incorporated shingles were purely made out of asphalt which cannot expand and contract to a level even close to what fiberglass can do. This is vital in extreme climates like Arizona and Michigan. Extreme levels of heat and cold have both left shingles severely damaged and in need of replacement countless times throughout the years, fiberglass has slowed the rate of weather damaged shingles tremendously.

Laminated (dimensional) shingles are another major advancement that has happened with shingles in recent times. Dimensional shingles are great for creating a distinct look that will differentiate home from the homes that surround it. These shingles are manufactured to look like wood roofing while offering the benefits that come with shingles. This style of shingle has become immensely popular and is steadily increasing in prevalence.

There are still older style ‘3-tab’ being manufactured and deployed on the roofs of homes to this day because they are cheaper and may be adequate for many situations homeowners may be in. One caveat to this is the fact that 3-tab shingles are more prone to being lifted off your roof by high winds, which could be devastating in the right circumstances.

If you are in the process of planning out a roofing upgrade or designing a roof for a new home, shingles should be high up on your list of prospective materials.