Roof Ventilation 101

Ventilating you attic is important for several reasons. If an attic is not properly ventilated you are most likely in line for a plethora of problems that can grow from small nuisance into full fledged urgent issues. It’s important in the summer months to let heat out of your attic so your air conditioning system can efficiently operate. If the attic is allowed to heat up then the overall temperature of your entire house will be much higher than it would be with proper ventilation. That means that even after your air conditioning system has cooled your home, it will heat up more quickly, forcing you’re a/c to kick back on a lot sooner than it would otherwise. This leads to much higher electricity bills and a significantly reduced life span for your air conditioning unit.  Air conditioners are not small investments and it would serve you well to do everything within your power to extend the life of your system and avoid incurring an unexpected and large expense.

Aside from excessive heat in the summer, there are also other issues that can pop up as are result of not having proper roof ventilation. Moisture can build up in the cooler months and can cause damage to possessions and mold growth to spread throughout your attic. Having your possessions compromised is one thing and it’s bad enough on its own, but mold spreading in your home is a major and potentially fatal problem.  Certain kinds of mold are extremely toxic to the human organism and if you continually breathe in the spores unwittingly, you can end up with a very unpleasant surprise in the health department. Even if the mold that grows isn’t of the extremely toxic variety, it is still very unhealthy for your respitory system to intake even a minor irritant day in and day out for extended periods of time.

Proper roof ventilation is key to maintaining the efficiency of your home and its systems. With proper care, your various investments in your home can last you a long time and stretch you hard earned dollars a lot farther. Call Right Way Roofing in Phoenix today at 480-232-5458 (East Valley) and 602-299-8851 (West Valley) to get any of your roofing questions answered and to get any necessary quotes.