Best Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Best Fall Roof Maintenance Tips Mesa AZ

Fall is a good time take care of your roof maintenance with more mild temperatures. In Arizona it comes a little later than other places in the country, but the cooler weather still comes. Knowing if there is any damage to your roof now, can prevent you from having to climb up in bad weather. Taking care of your roof proactively also extends the life of your roof. These are the best fall roof maintenance tips.

Trim The Tree

While Christmas is still a ways off, you should trim the trees around your home. As trees grow they usually get taller, and wider. This means that they grow toward the house and need to be kept back. If sections of your tree hang over your roof they pose a danger. Strong winds and tree diseases can mean they break and fall on your roof. The weight can pierce the roofing, the underlayment, and even the decking. Another benefit of trimming the tree back is less leaves in your gutters.

Clean Out The Gutters

While it is a bit of a thankless and somewhat dangerous task, it needs to get done. Gutters that are cleaned out help keep water flowing away from the roof. Clogged gutters splash water back up on the roofing and can lead to mold, cracking and other types of damage. Water can also spill out of the gutters and fall directly onto windows and window panes. Water allowed to free fall off the roof or out of clogged gutters also undermined the foundation of homes.

Add Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are caps that are put over your gutters that keep leaves from falling in and clogging your gutters. They are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. Installing them will reduce the need to climb up and clean your gutters to prevent storm damage to your roof.

Get A Roof Inspection

Having a roof inspector come out to take a look at the condition of your roof is a great way to avoid problems. Catching problems early can prevent serious and costly damage to your home. Water that is allowed to enter the home can cause damage. The damage can be ruining insulation, weakening the roof structure, or even the development of dangerous molds.

Invest In A Strong Roof

If you find out from the inspection that your roof does in fact have problems, get them fixed earlier than later. Fall is a great time to take advantage of lower electricity bills with not running the air conditioning all day and night. Use that savings to invest in your roof and it will keep you safe and dry. It will also cost less to fix problems while they are small. Instead of having waiting for leaks to get larger and ruin the roof, its insulation, and the contents of your home make sure you get repairs done promptly.

Mesa Roof Inspection & Repair

If you have a home in the east valley or Phoenix and want to catch problems before they become bigger and more costly follow these tips and call for one of our free roof inspections. Give us a call and we will come take a look at your roofs condition and help you find a way to affordably fix any issues you might have.


How To Handle Hail Damaged Roofing

How To Handle Hail Damaged Roofing Phoenix

Hail storms happen in the Phoenix area. These storms can damage cars, houses, and all sorts of property. Your roof is your main source of protection at home and at work. Severe hail storms will damage roofs, and be followed by opportunistic roofing repair people. So we created a guide to how to handle hail damaged roofing.

Hail Damage Is Big Business

Believe it or not mobile roofing contractors have taken advantage of storm prediction software and track storms that look like they are going to produce hail and head for the towns and cities that are in their wake. They can even get specific and only focus on the higher income neighborhoods to get the biggest payout.

It might seem nice that a bunch of contractors suddenly show up like the Red Cross with hammers. The difference is that the Red Cross is a temporary service and your roof needs to be rebuilt and last for another 40 years. You want a contractor that is licensed to work in your area and is going to be there in case your roof needs any warranty work.

Metal Roofing, A Hail Of A Good Option

Metal roofs, including aluminum roofs have seen great success in areas that experience hail. One of the great benefits of a metal roof is that it will withstand a hail storm just as well 10 years down the road as the day it was installed. Metal has the edge over many other roofing systems as they tend to get sun damage, get brittle, and are not ready to withstand the punishment a big hail storm will deliver.

Metal roofing can carry a rating and be UL listed. The UL code 2218 is an impact resistance rating. If the roofing you choose or already have installed has this rating it means that it much be able to survive the impact from a 2” ball which is dropped from 20 feet in the air. The metal roofing must not split or come apart. Metal roofing is one of the few options which can actually pass a test of this magnitude.

Metal Roofing And Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies recognize the strength of metal roofing. If the roof is a UL 2218 roof there might be discounts available. In some cases the insurance company will only offer the discounts if there is a cosmetic wavier signed. What this means is that if there is a hail storm that peppers your roof they will only pay to replace the roof if there is actual structural damage. If there are just dents but your roof isn’t leaking they might refuse to pay to replace it.

The cost savings per month isn’t significant enough to risk being stuck with a golf ball textured roof. So many times it’s better to pay a little extra a month but know that if a sever hail storm is on its way that you’ll be covered by your roof, and your insurance company.

What To Do If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

The storm has passed and now you have to assess the damage. You may or may not know what to look for, and you might not really want to get up on a damaged roof without knowing where to step.

Caution Before And After The Storm

After the hail will come the hellos from many of the hail storm chasing roofing contractors. Many of these contractors that follow storms will try to get a local address they can use to appear local. Check their credentials, and try to find listings and reviews from them that are local. Some even go so far as to claim they are from roofing Manufacturer Company. This doesn’t happen and these are the characters to be wary of. Some of these roofing companies also carry contracts which, with your signature, allow them to claim the right to work with your insurance company to repair the roof. Once that document is signed you no longer have control over who you choose as the insurance company will be legally required to use the roofer with that has your signed contract.

Aesthetic Or Structural Damage?

Aesthetic damage is surface dents. This is damage that doesn’t actually affect the performance of the roof. In fact many time after a hail storm it can be hard to tell if some of the damage was there before the storm. This is a situation where you might choose to ignore it.

Structural Damage however means that you see seams have opened up or trim has broken loose. If you can see sections of your roof that are clearly damaged you have no choice but to nip it in the bud and get it fixed. Your best bet to finding the right roofing company is to contact your local roofer. Someone that might have built the roof in the first place or will still be in the area and able to help you with any other minor repairs and warranty their work.

Local Roof Hail Damage Repair

After the storm passes everyone wants someone that they can trust. Someone that has been working in the area for decades and intends on being in business in your home town for the long haul. Right Way Roofing is Phoenix and Mesa’s first choice when it comes to reliable roofing repair.

If you’ve had hail damage or any storm related damage to your roof give us a call today for a free inspection. We’ll assess the damage and help you find an affordable solution to fixing your roof.

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Which Type Of Residential Roofing Do I Have?

Which Type Of Residential Roofing I Have

Right Way Roofing in Mesa knows that our job isn’t just to repair residential roofing.  We want you to be able to understand what type of residential roof you have.  This will help you understand how to maintain it and make it last longer. It will also help you know when it’s time to call in some back up and hire a professional.

Depending on the budget and era one of many different types of roofing were used to build your roof.  There are 7 different types of roofing systems.  We’ll take a look at each of them here.

Types Of Residential Roofing Systems

The key to any residential roof lasting as long as possible in Mesa, is keeping your eyes to the sky.  Be aware of its condition and notice when there are shingles missing or damaged spots.  This will save you roofing repairs and help prevent damage to the internal structure of your home.  Simply keeping debris like leaves and branches off your roof will make all of the roofing systems last longer in Mesa, AZ.

  • Slate Roofing – Being a natural stone roofing option slate has a beautiful appearance.  It is also one of the longest lasting roofing materials on the market.  There are two types of slate roofing, hard and soft.  The hard variety of slate roofing is said to last around 75 – 200 years.  The soft slate residential roofing lasts about 50 – 125 years.  Telling the difference can be a bit tricky.  Generally black slate is the soft type of slate roofing.  Colored slate is usually your harder, longer lasting variety.  The best roofers will be able to tell the difference for you simply by tapping on one of the slate tiles.  If your roof is made of this type of material it does require a little maintenance. Read more about Mesa Slate Roofs here.
  • Slate Maintenance – Despite residential slate roofs reputation of lasting for hundreds of years they do break down. If you have noticed any leaks you’re going to have a decision ahead of you.  If you happen to have the hard variety it may be well worth the investment to restore the roof.  This might mean an additional 100 years of use.  However if you have a soft slate roof it might be better to just replace it.
  • Shingle RoofingShingle roofs were one of the most common and widely used residential roofing materials used nationwide.  It’s easy for a home owner to tell if this is the type of roofing they have in Mesa.  They are pretty simply made which made them inexpensive to install.  They were made with a base of wood fiber, paper or cellulose and then coated with asphalt.  The asphalt made them waterproof.  A top coating of ceramic granules are embedded within an additional layer of asphalt to help with durability and provide grip for walking on your roof. More about shingle roofing systems.
  • Shingle Maintenance – Being one of the least costly residential roofing options in Mesa repair is also cheap and easy. Hiring a professional roofing company will ensure that the repairs are done right the first time.  It will also keep you out of the sun and safely on the ground.  Things you can do for yourself are pretty easy.  Keep debris off your roof, use a hose to get leaves and small sticks off your roof.  If you see shingles are missing call your Mesa roofing company or run down to the hardware store and get them replaced.  Prompt action with missing shingles will save you costly repairs later.
  • Metal Roofing – As much as metal roofing is considered one of the longest lasting most durable materials, it still needs to be monitored and cared for.  It’s easy to tell if this is the roofing type you have.
  • Metal Maintenance – Keeping debris off all of roofing systems is paramount to preventing backup, and leaks. Metal roofing requires a few other considerations. Be aware of anywhere in your roof where you have heat vents, chimneys, or oil condensers.  These items can exhaust chemicals that can corrode the metal and destroy paint.  Either call for a free roofing inspection, or get a ladder and look for loose roof sheets, fasteners, flashings or even punctures from objects that might have fallen on your roof.
  • EPDM Roofing – EPDM is an incredibly durable rubber roofing membrane.  EPDM stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer. It’s very common with low slope roof systems in Mesa.  You’ll know if this is your roof type because of its rubber feel.  It is also generally white in color.
  • EPDM Maintenance – Periodic examination of the coating will help prevent unnoticed areas to get worse. As with most roofs keeping the debris off the roof is critical in keeping it in good condition.  If you notice damage it is critical to use the right materials to repair it.  Your local Mesa roofing company can help you get this done.  If you venture to do this yourself make sure not to use anything that is normally used for asphalt roofs.  It will destroy your EPDM membrane and lead to additional repairs.

Free Residential Roof Inspection and Professional Residential Roof Repair In Mesa, AZ

Some residential roofs in Mesa are easy to identify.  Some of the synthetic polymer roofs need an expert to determine which system was used.   A free roof inspection will do a few things.  Firstly you’ll know for sure which type of residential roof you have.  Secondly you will know if there is any damage.  Lastly you will understand if there are any repairs and what it will take to get your roof back to 100%.

Give Right Way Roofing in Mesa a call today and put your worries about your roof to rest.

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Roof Inspection Before You Need Roof Repair

Roof Inspection Mesa Arizona
Manage your roof before it manages to cost you big money

If you’ve ever bought or sold a house you are more than familiar with the need for having a roofing inspector.  If you haven’t, they are a professional who comes out and takes a look at the roof to assess the overall health of the roof during the selling or buying of a home and also after severe storms to check for damage.  They can also provide an invaluable service outside of those other roles.  They can come and do an inspection and find simple, inexpensive fixes that will prevent much more costly repairs later.

The majority of roofing experts agree that homeowners should have these professional inspections done annually or at least every two years.  Having a professional come and inspect your roof with help spot potential problems while they are small and easy, and inexpensive to fix.  Like all professionals, their expertise comes with a price.  But when compared with the high cost of full roof replacement, it’s well worth the money.

Inspectors are thoroughly trained to notice things that most of us would just ignore.  Small signs that can help prevent the big repairs.  Some of the things they’ll be able to tell you from looking at the roof will be its age, how long it will last, poor or unacceptable installation and even if there have been changes to the roof.

When considering the condition of your roof it’s not just about how it’s doing and if it needs to be replaced.  It’s also about all the things that you own and love that reside under that roof depending on it to protect them from the rain, the shine, and the everything else.

Some warning signs that you should get your roof checked out by a roof inspection professional are things like a roof over 15 years old, torn flashings, blistered or stained ceilings or walls, water stained brick or paint peeling from where the wall meets the roof, and even sagging eave troughs.

Leaking Roofs, the Hidden Menace

If your roof is leaking it can easily go unseen with our busy lives.  If it isn’t caught it can raise your energy bills, and lower your property value too.  Also if water sits it can cause mold in your walls and roof.  Everyone is affected by mold spores and certain molds can lead to serious respiratory complications.  So you can see that it’s not just the health of your house, but the health of you and your family that is on the line.  One of the best investments a homeowner can make is to make sure that their roof is up to code, energy-efficient and secure.

Easy ways to tell if you might have a leak in your roof:

Broken Roof Shingles – If you can see that some of your shingles have got broken by wind or impact it’s a sign that water might have a way in.

Shingle Bare Spots – Over time the surface of your shingles can actually wear away.  All the sun, wind, heat, rain and other elements that wear away at them can make spots where it’s not longer effective at guiding water away and off your roof.

Curling Roof Shingles – If the edges are starting to come up they are leaving your roof exposed to the elements and water will find a way in.

FREE roof inspections from Right Way Roofing
If you’re not sure, and don’t want to climb up on your roof, or up in your attic CALL the experts at Right Way Roofing for a FREE Roof inspection.   Prevent minor issues from becoming MAJOR roof repairs by having them come and check for the signs of damage and weakness today.

Tradesman can Damage Your Roof

Living in Arizona, having technicians working on your roof is very normal. From roof mounted air conditioning units to satellite dishes, most houses in the area have one or more appliances based on their roofs. Having these appliances placed on our roofs means that any work done on them will also need to take place on your roof as well. This means people walking, using tools and installing heavy equipment onto your roofing material who are not roofers. Many of the techniques used to install and maintain these appliances do not take the integrity of your roof into consideration and end up leaving you at risk for leaks and other roof related issues.

Having a satellite dish technician install a satellite on your roof involves the base for the dish being attached to your shingles and roofing with large and lengthy screws. Sometimes caulking is placed around the screws, but this will only temporarily keep water from leaking in through the screw holes. Over time wind will cause our dish to rock back and forth which will loosen the caulking and the seal along the surface of your roofing around the screw hole will be broken. Once the seal is broken water will trickle in every time it rains, which can be pretty brutal during monsoon season.

Air Conditioning technicians bring heavy tool boxes with them onto your roof. Dropping these heavy tool boxes or any of the tools can tear the roofing material. Truthfully, a visit from the A/C man will almost always damage your flashing. If a Freon line is being repaired the pitch pan flashing will be opened and damaged. It’s unfortunate, but it comes with the territory of being an Arizona home owner. Keeping your appliances properly maintained is a must just like keeping your roofing in good condition. Finding a way to balance both is vital.