Rodents and Your Roof

While we have all been going about our lives throughout the generations, there has been an invisible war going on just above our heads; the war between roofs and rodents. Rodents are a natural and ancient enemy of the roof and the two will probably be at odds as long as either one exists.  This battle effects us in various ways and this collateral damage takes many forms.

Rodents seek warmth during the colder months of the year and your roof is one of their go to places to find it. One of the ways they find warmth is digging holes through your shingles and the components underneath creating openings for other pests, moisture, debris etc to make its way into your homes under structure. Over time this can degrade the protective qualities of your roof and can compromise the physical condition of your home as well as diminishing it’s overall energy efficiency.

While your roof can serve as shelter for various rodents, a lot of them use the roof as passage way to get to their favorite place to shack up; your attic. Attics are like 5 star hotels to rodents looking for an escape from the cold and the elements outdoors. Constant warmth, shelter and plenty of space, rodents can have a field day if they make it into your attic and are afforded plenty of room to breed and multiply. If you have an out of control rodent community develop, your house could sustain significant damage and loss of property value. On top of that, exterminating a large rodent infestation can be lengthy, messy, and worst of all costly. Most people are freaked out by the prospect of having pests and rodents sharing their personal spaces with them. The specter of these unwanted housemates can seriously impact the daily quality of life for anyone who lives within or visits your residence.

Being aware of this semi-secret war can do a lot to benefit you and your family, as well as your home. Rodents are small, but can multiply quickly and before you know it you may be surrounded by generations of rodents as well as their hair, dander and feces. The presence of these elements can aggravate allergies as well as cause health issues, some of which are potentially serious. Protect your home’s value and your family’s health. Have your roof regularly inspected and maintained in order to avoid the potential calamity of a rodent invasion.