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new roofing systems mesa az

When you are having a facility built or own an existing facility in Mesa, AZ that is in line for a roofing upgrade, finding the right roofing system to fit your situation is of the utmost importance. There are many things that should be taken into consideration before you come to a conclusive decision on a specific system.

Your Location and Climate:

Knowing what the elements will be throwing at your roof throughout the year is an absolute must when selecting what kind of roofing your facility will have. Precipitation, temperature changes, temperature extremes, wind speeds, and sun exposure will all play into how well your roofing will perform. Living near the ocean is another factor that needs to be considered as salt water vapor can speed up erosion on certain materials.

How Will The Facility Be Used?

The everyday use of your facility and the purpose of the operations taking place therein will need to be greatly considered when you are making your decisions on roofing materials, aesthetics, structure etc. You will not want to use the same roofing system for a retail environment that you would use for a manufacturing environment.

Traffic Level:

Some operations require the roof to be traversable with walkways and even some structures in place on the surface of the roofing. Obviously the more complex and robust the roofing system, the more expensive it will be.

Maintenance Requirements:

Some roofing systems can be maintained fairly easily by an in house staff of maintenance technicians. There are some systems that will require specialized technicians to maintain your roof and keep it operational. This will factor into the overall lifetime cost heavily.

Energy Efficiency:

Improving the energy efficiency of your facility can help save money over time, which can offset the cost of your roofing system considerably. The right roofing system will pay for itself over time if it possesses the proper energy efficiency traits to do so.

Do You Need a New Roofing System Installed?

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