Foam Roofing in Arizona


No matter what kind of roofing material was used when your house was first built, it will eventually wear out. Knowing the options that are available to replace it with, helps make more informed decisions for budget, longevity, and performance. Foam roofing in Arizona can be an excellent option for homeowners. It has specific benefits for the heat we experience. We have expanded the information to help you consider it as one of your choices when picking a new roofing system.

What Roofs Is It Good For?

Flat roofs are typically where foam roofing has been found but it can be applied to virtually any type of roof. Roofs that have unusual architecture can be difficult to custom fit with traditional roofing materials. Foam roofing can be sprayed on and this helps the roofing compound get into tighter, harder to reach spots.

Foam roofing does more than keep out the water from rain storms, it helps keep the heat out. With an average of 300 days of sunlight per year keeping our homes comfortable from the heat of summer is one of our biggest priorities in Arizona. With that in mind we choose great insulation for our attics and the walls of our homes. Foam roofing can help add increased thermal protection from the heat. This means even lower electricity bills from running air conditioners.

While the cost of installing a foam roof does run a little higher than shingle roofing, the savings pay the difference quickly. Paying to install the roofing happens only once every 20 or so years; having energy savings every single year pays the difference for the foam roofing, and much more.

What Exactly Is Foam Roofing?

For better than 45 years polyurethane foam has been used as an insulator.  A combination of polyol and isocyanat is combined through a sprayer at the time of application. The compound is applied as a liquid and shortly after application it begins to bubble up and expand. This process helps force the material into crevices and cracks in the roof and seals them up. This property makes foam roofing extremely dynamic and a great option for virtually any type of roof.

One of the major advantages to being a sprayed on roofing system is that there are no seams. Seams in other roofing systems can be the Achilles heel in keeping water from leaking into the house. Because foam roofing is applied as a liquid it bonds to itself without seams and creates a water, and air tight seal. This helps the thermal performance of the roofing system and helps save even more energy.

The final step after the spray foam is laid down is adding an outer layer. This outer layer’s job is to protect the foam from the elements.  The outer layer helps protect the roof from damage from branches or limbs falling on your roof if you have a tree near the house, or if you have workers up on your roof. Even if the outer layer is damaged the seal from your foam roof will remain intact.

Foam Roofing Installation & Repair

If you have a home in the Phoenix valley Right Way Roofing can help you install, maintain, and repair foam roofing or any other type of roofing you might have. If you need some help deciding which type of roofing is best for your home, your location, and your budget we will help you make the most cost effective decisions for your Arizona home.