Algae Resistant Roofing Mesa, AZ


There is a plethora of algae resistant roofing and shingle options available today and each one of the varying materials offer their own pros and cons. When considering which roofing material you should go with, prioritizing which aspects you want present in order to best protect your home is hugely important.  One of the aspects that should take top priority is algae resistance as algae can present many unique problems and can be hard to eradicate.

If you have ever been out in your neighborhood and noticed a roof that looks like it’s dirty or off color? The cause of this appearance is from the buildup of algae on the shingles. It’s easy to end up with algae on your roofing as the spores are spread by the wind, so neighborhood wide algae blooms are entirely possible if your neighborhood isn’t equipped for algae resistance. If a bloom of any significance takes place on your home or in your neighborhood the property value of every effected home will drop and the cost of the algae bloom will be in the thousands.

One way that an algae bloom can cost you money aside from effecting your property value is the fact the algae attracts heat which will cause your home to lose energy efficiency. That means your a/c system will need to work much harder in order to keep your home cool which will cost you more money on your power bill.

Algae Resistant Shingles

Purchasing algae resistant shingles will benefit you and your home tremendously by keeping that clean appearance your home needs to have sell-able curb appeal as well as keeping your energy bills from making unexpected rises.  Algae resistant shingles may cost more than some other options, but they will save you money in the long run, which is good for everyone!

Roofs with wood shingles are more at risk of developing an algae bloom because they provide a natural surface for it to propagate on. Factors like the material that your roofing consists of along with the level of shade exposure. Shaded areas are more prone to developing algae populations because there is limited exposure to UV light which would kill off the algae and keep it from spreading if the light exposure was abundant.

Cleaning your shingles on a semi-regular basis is another way to ensure that you avoid developing algae blooms on your roofing. You can take measures to take care of this on your own with a DIY approach or you can hire a professional to come and eradicate your problem from a position of expertise. Hiring a professional is highly recommended because they will be covered by insurance in the event an injury or accident occurs and they should guarantee the results of their work. Having knowledgeable professionals take care of potentially serious problems is usually the best course of action to avoid getting hurt, incurring greater expenses, or worse, both!

Does your Roof have an algae problem?

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