Shedding Some Light On Skylights In Phoenix


Natural light can transform the feel of a room. Sunlight has been proven time and time again to elevate mood and engender an optimistic outlook. In addition to those health benefits having natural light in your home also cuts down on the lights you need to run during the day. If there is a power outage a skylight also helps get light into your home during the day.

An estimated 30% more light comes into our homes when skylights are installed. This is due to the fact that windows are installed on the exterior of our homes. This limits the light coming into our homes by the angle of the sun’s light. Skylights however can be installed so that the light can reach otherwise darker corners of our homes. Areas that we are only able to see well in by using electricity.

Skylight Considerations

Before you go running off to the hardware store or hire someone to throw in a skylight there are some things you should consider.

Skylight Location – Most people have a pretty good idea of where they’d like more natural light. Many times this is in the kitchen. What is hiding in the attic directly above where you are wanting your skylight can be a big problem. Attics are where most of our wires, HVAC and some pipes are hiding. This can mean there is an actual physical barrier to your skylight installation.

Trusses – Trusses are the skeleton of the roof. Generally there is a 2 foot space between them. If the exactly location you want your skylight in is directly under a truss, it can be moved, but you will need to consult a structural engineer.

Skylight Chases – If the area directly above your desired skylight location is blocked a chase can be the solution. Skylight chases are tunnels that conduct the light from the skylight. This can be a way to get the opening for the light, and then forcing it into the area of your home where you want the natural light.

Skylight Style – Each home has its own particular style or architecture. When choosing a skylight care should be taken to ensure that it fits the overall look and character of the home.

Roof Slope – The slope of the roof is a measurement of how steep it is. An easy way to figure this out is to know how tall by how wide the roof is.  This information is critical when choosing a flashing kit.

Cost To Install A Skylight – A well qualified handyman with the tools and time should be able to install a skylight for about $250 – $500. Most homeowners want a warranty on craftsmanship and will hire a professional. Depending on the location, size, and style of skylight this can mean an installation cost of anywhere from $500 to $3,000. If a skylight chase is needed there is an average of about $1,500.


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