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Roofing Dangers of Wind Driven Rain

We are in the midst of a very wet stretch here in the valley of the sun. While the rain is not accompanied by a storm, there are times when the valley is rocked by severe winds and rain simultaneously. This brings up concerns about the potential of suffering damage from wind driven rain against your roof.  Rain can be erosive over time but when the wind is behind it, the effects can be greater as wind can blow rain water into areas it wouldn’t normally reach.  This can cause leaks that only show up when there is wind driven rain that won’t show up any other time, which can make them extremely hard and frustrating to find and deal with.

On their own, leaks can be very detrimental and infuriating. Leaks caused by wind driven rain can persist for years before they are noticed and that is very bad for multiple reasons. Depending on where the water enters your home, you could be at risk of developing mold. There are many different kinds of mold and almost all of them are harmful to the human respiratory system. Some forms, like black mold, can even be deadly if humans are exposed to them. Leaks caused by wind driven rain can lead to major mold growths that could actually cause your home to be condemned and deemed inhabitable. If this happens, not only will you need to spend the resources necessary to fix the leak and your roofing, you will also have to pay to have the mold removed professionally. After the mold removal you may need to have your home routinely inspected for a period of time in order to ensure that it is safe to live in. You will have to pay for each inspection and you are still at risk of possibly losing your home to condemnation.

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