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Roof Leaks

Your roof is your first and most important line of defense against the water that the sky sends to constantly try to invade your house. Water can come in many forms, rain, sleet, hail and snow (although we never see snow in the Phoenix area) and every form can cause its own brand of damage and all can be devastating in their own way. Our focus in this blog entry is on roof leaks and what causes them. Almost all of us have been there…..hanging out on the couch enjoying some relaxation and maybe enjoying a game or your favorite show and then you hear it….drip…..drip……It always takes a second, but you know after two or three drops that you have a leak. Few things can kill a good mood more quickly than realizing you have a leak in your roof.

Most leaks are easy to fix, the tough part is locating the source and figuring out the cause of the leak. A common assumption is that the source of the leak is located directly above where you see the drips falling from. Water travels along surfaces with gravity and momentum providing the locomotion. Water can travel along pipes and beams before reaching a point where the water gathers enough to cause drips to occur. Condensation can collect and drip from seemingly random points. You may have a leak in your AC unit that is masquerading as a roof leak. Finding the source is absolutely the hardest part of the leak repair process.

Common causes of leaks are damaged shingles, loosened or missing shingles, damage to tiles and seams, damaged flashing, worn seals, caulking that needs to be redone, inadequate attic ventilation, exposed nail heads, skylights that aren’t properly sealed, etc. Improper installation of any roofing element can be the cause of your roof leak.

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