Roof Ventilation 101

Ventilating you attic is important for several reasons. If an attic is not properly ventilated you are most likely in line for a plethora of problems that can grow from small nuisance into full fledged urgent issues. It’s important in the summer months to let heat out of your attic so your air conditioning system can efficiently operate. If the attic is allowed to heat up then the overall temperature of your entire house will be much higher than it would be with proper ventilation. That means that even after your air conditioning system has cooled your home, it will heat up more quickly, forcing you’re a/c to kick back on a lot sooner than it would otherwise. This leads to much higher electricity bills and a significantly reduced life span for your air conditioning unit.  Air conditioners are not small investments and it would serve you well to do everything within your power to extend the life of your system and avoid incurring an unexpected and large expense.

Aside from excessive heat in the summer, there are also other issues that can pop up as are result of not having proper roof ventilation. Moisture can build up in the cooler months and can cause damage to possessions and mold growth to spread throughout your attic. Having your possessions compromised is one thing and it’s bad enough on its own, but mold spreading in your home is a major and potentially fatal problem.  Certain kinds of mold are extremely toxic to the human organism and if you continually breathe in the spores unwittingly, you can end up with a very unpleasant surprise in the health department. Even if the mold that grows isn’t of the extremely toxic variety, it is still very unhealthy for your respitory system to intake even a minor irritant day in and day out for extended periods of time.

Proper roof ventilation is key to maintaining the efficiency of your home and its systems. With proper care, your various investments in your home can last you a long time and stretch you hard earned dollars a lot farther. Call Right Way Roofing in Phoenix today at 480-232-5458 (East Valley) and 602-299-8851 (West Valley) to get any of your roofing questions answered and to get any necessary quotes.

Prepping For Roof Work

Having roof work done is no small task, especially if you are getting something done like shingle replacement. You have to choose the style, color, material and find a contractor that combines the right mix of quality and fair pricing. After all of that you need to prepare to have your home under constructive siege for a period of time. There are several things you can do to prepare and the more informed you are about the process that is about to happen, the more efficiently you can prepare. Here are some steps you can take to make the process as unobtrusive as possible for you and your family.

Making your property accessible to the crew that is about to work on your roof is very important and can make a big difference in the amount of time it takes to finish the job. Things like keeping cars clear of your driveway so they can set up equipment and keep supplies close weight a lot on how efficient the crew can be with time. Generally, keeping the perimeter of your home cleared will aide the process greatly and reduce the chance for any kind of accident occurring. It’s not easy to surrender you outdoor space, but it will be worthwhile during the process of having your roof worked on. The benefits of efficient time use and increased safety in the surrounding environment will outweigh any inconvenience you may feel or experience by not have your normal access to your yard etc.

Keeping your children and pets indoors and away from the construction site/materials is also majorly important. There are a lot of potential hazards on a construction site, from rogue materials to falling debris. Kids and pets can step on or ingest nails or other small trinkets, get mixed up with the crew’s tools and equipment or even become victim to falling materials from your roof. Construction workers wear hard hats and protective gloves and boots for a reason; construction zones are inherently unsafe. It is a good idea to have some kind of head protection for when you or any loved ones need to venture outside during the roofing process. Safety truly needs to be priority number one with roofing or any construction oriented undertaking.

Prepare for noise and you may need to relocate a satellite dish if necessary, but it will all be worth it when you have that sparkling new roof and your family and pets are happy, safe, and sound!

Saving on Energy

We live in the age of going green and concern over the imperiled state of our environment. That means there are more solutions available than ever aimed at conserving energy and making the most out of the energy that does get used. New homes are being constructed with green building techniques and incorporate modern appliances that are extremely energy efficient compared to more antiquated appliances you may find in older homes.  There are several ways to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as it can be if you are looking to upgrade your home in the green friendly department. A huge area of your home that will affect the use of energy is your roof. We are going to cover a few aspects of your roofing that can affect the energy efficiency of your home.

Upgrading the insulation in your attic is probably the easiest step you can take in enhancing the energy efficiency of your roof. Having adequate insulation will keep the air from the environment outside of your home from entering and altering the comfortable environment you have set up on the inside of your home. If you have insulation that is lacking in quality, your home’s heating and cooling systems will have to work much harder in order to achieve the desired temperature and that could greatly shorten the life span of your A/C and heating units. Replacing central air system components can be extremely intrusive and expensive. The concealed nature of central air system installations means that you may need to tear out some ceiling or wall space in order to access the necessary components. It can be messy to say the least.

Adding a cooling element to your roofing via either a coating or material covering, is another step you can take to exercise further control over your roof’s thermal properties.  These are meant to shield your roof from heat by reflecting as much light as possible from your roof so the heat energy from the light isn’t absorbed by your roofing material. This will help keep your home cooler while reducing the demand on your cooling system. During certain times of the year having these layers will allow you to forgo the use of your Air conditioning as the layers will do an adequate job of keeping your home cool on their own.

These are just a couple of suggestions you can consider to increase the energy efficiency and comfort levels of your home. You can never be too energy efficient or too comfortable in your home. Increasing the energy efficiency of you home is definitely worthwhile. We will be revisiting this topic in the future to suggest more tips for you!

Trees and your Roof

Trees add a lot to the appearance and feel of a property and its landscape and give your home an enhanced sense of character. As much as trees bring to the table as far as benefits go, they can also be very damaging. Trees that sit close to your home can create difficulties for your roof with debris  and easier access for animals etc. We are going to go over some of the ways that trees can affect your roof when in close proximity to it.

Branches rubbing against your roof:  As the wind blows, close tree branches can bump and rub against your shingles. This can lead to shingle damage, losing entire shingles and holes developing in your roof. Depending on how close to your house the tree is, the branches could eventually put pressure on your roof and cause certain components to become warped and unbalanced. The effects of warping on your roof can lead to further issues such as leaks and pest infestation as opening are created. This can lead to costly repairs or tedious shingle replacement which can be a major hassle. Pruning the branches of the trees that are close to your house is very important as well as beneficial.

Leaf debris building up: Leaf build up can impede the designed path that water is supposed to travel down the slope of your roof. When the natural path is blocked, the water will make its way underneath the shingles and run under your roofs protective later. This is a very common cause of roof leaks and any roof is vulnerable to this. No matter how well the roof was constructed, if it is not kept clear of obstruction, you could be in line for an expensive repair project.

Vines: Vines affect your roof in a very similar way as tree branches; vines can grab and penetrate through shingles which allows water to easily enter into the area under your shingles and eventually into your home. Paying close attention to any vines and where they are spreading to can help you avoid the litany of issues they can create for your roofing.

Properly keeping your trees pruned and maintained is important when it comes to caring for a roof that has trees that reside close to it. Trees are beautiful and are a desirable addition to almost any property but you do need to account for them if you don’t want them to adversely affect your roof and your home by extension.


The Pro’s of Shingles

Shingles are the most popular roofing system found in the United States BY FAR.  Estimates have as many as 70% of homes in the US utilize shingled systems for their roofing. Great for sloped roofs, shingles are an efficient and cost effective alternative to using tile, metal or wood roofing systems.  Shingles are so popular that they are almost synonymous with roofs.

Shingles are very durable which makes them appropriate for use in any climate from mild to extreme.  Numerous manufacturers make countless styles of shingles and high quality shingle systems can have lifetimes of up to 50 years! Finding shingles that match your desired aesthetic as shingles manufacturers are producing more and more styles to the point that you are almost guaranteed to be able to find an appropriate style that fits with the rest of your home.

Shingle Benefits:

  • Durability, shingles will cover your roof adequately for generations
  • Shingles carry some of the best manufacturer warranties in all of roofing
  • Vast selection of styles and colors are available
  • More affordable than tile, wood and metal roofing


One of the major advancements over the past quarter century in the world of shingles is the addition of fiberglass to the shingles. Before fiberglass was incorporated shingles were purely made out of asphalt which cannot expand and contract to a level even close to what fiberglass can do. This is vital in extreme climates like Arizona and Michigan. Extreme levels of heat and cold have both left shingles severely damaged and in need of replacement countless times throughout the years, fiberglass has slowed the rate of weather damaged shingles tremendously.

Laminated (dimensional) shingles are another major advancement that has happened with shingles in recent times. Dimensional shingles are great for creating a distinct look that will differentiate home from the homes that surround it. These shingles are manufactured to look like wood roofing while offering the benefits that come with shingles. This style of shingle has become immensely popular and is steadily increasing in prevalence.

There are still older style ‘3-tab’ being manufactured and deployed on the roofs of homes to this day because they are cheaper and may be adequate for many situations homeowners may be in. One caveat to this is the fact that 3-tab shingles are more prone to being lifted off your roof by high winds, which could be devastating in the right circumstances.

If you are in the process of planning out a roofing upgrade or designing a roof for a new home, shingles should be high up on your list of prospective materials.


Symptoms of a Commercial Roof Leak

If you are the owner of a commercial facility, regularly checking the condition of your roofing is of the utmost importance. Ensuring the functionality of your roof will benefit your facility tremendously as you can avoid common problems like breaches and leaks, which will be the focus of this blog entry. Leaks can really be a pain for facility and business owners. They can disrupt business, add a potential hazard to work spaces, on top of being hard to trace. Pinpointing the source of a leak can be extremely difficult because of the way water can travel along surfaces. A leak may exist without you noticing for a long period of time if you don’t know what you are looking for. Here are some common symptoms of commercial roof leaks:

Bubbling: Difficult to see from ground level, bubbling is indicative of trapped moisture under the covering of the roof. Bubbles are problematic because the expose your roof to potential problems from wind. As wind progressively passes over and around the bubble, pressure will be put on the roofing. If the pressure gets to be too much, portions of your roofing may become dislodged or even torn off if their are storm like conditions. If  you notice a bubble in your roofing, have it attended to immediately to avoid any set backs with your commercial roof.

Damaged Flashing: If you notice your weather resistant flashing is showing signs of damage and deterioration, water is probably able to leak through your flashing into your facility. The damage could be caused by harsh weather, inadequate installation etc. Regardless of the reason, if your flashing is damaged it needs to be replaced ASAP. The main purpose of flashing is to weatherproof your roof from moisture entering your facility. If your dedicated line of defense is down then moisture can freely enter your facility, which will lead to another set of potential problems. There is not way to know about the condition of your flashing other than going up onto the roof and inspecting it directly. Hiring a professional to perform the inspection is preferred, however performing a DIY inspection is also much better than being ignorant of the actual condition of your flashing.

Tearing in the Roof Covering: These can be difficult to spot from ground level, similar to bubbling. Extreme weather is usually the culprit that causes your roof to crack and tear and the damage can occur anywhere on the roof. These tears and cracks leave opening for water to leak into your facility. Repairing these as soon as they are detected should go without saying. As time passes and weather continues to effect your roofing, the damage from the cracks and tears will only increase. Compromised roofing can be hazardous to not only your business operations, but to the safety and health of your staff and anybody else who may be present at your facility during any given time.

Pooling or Ponding: If you notice pools of standing water, you should take measures to stop this from happening. The areas where water pools or ponds are susceptible to accelerated deterioration and rusting, which will weaken the integrity of the roof considerably. The weight of pools will put extra strain on your roofing structure and if a pool becomes too large it could cause a section of your roof to collapse. It’s happened numerous times due to standing water and the buildup of snow in cold places. A roofing collapse can be absolutely catastrophic and could cause you to see injuries, damage, death and even law suits.

Watch for these signs and have your roof inspected and maintained regularly

Algae Resistant Roofing Mesa, AZ


There is a plethora of algae resistant roofing and shingle options available today and each one of the varying materials offer their own pros and cons. When considering which roofing material you should go with, prioritizing which aspects you want present in order to best protect your home is hugely important.  One of the aspects that should take top priority is algae resistance as algae can present many unique problems and can be hard to eradicate.

If you have ever been out in your neighborhood and noticed a roof that looks like it’s dirty or off color? The cause of this appearance is from the buildup of algae on the shingles. It’s easy to end up with algae on your roofing as the spores are spread by the wind, so neighborhood wide algae blooms are entirely possible if your neighborhood isn’t equipped for algae resistance. If a bloom of any significance takes place on your home or in your neighborhood the property value of every effected home will drop and the cost of the algae bloom will be in the thousands.

One way that an algae bloom can cost you money aside from effecting your property value is the fact the algae attracts heat which will cause your home to lose energy efficiency. That means your a/c system will need to work much harder in order to keep your home cool which will cost you more money on your power bill.

Algae Resistant Shingles

Purchasing algae resistant shingles will benefit you and your home tremendously by keeping that clean appearance your home needs to have sell-able curb appeal as well as keeping your energy bills from making unexpected rises.  Algae resistant shingles may cost more than some other options, but they will save you money in the long run, which is good for everyone!

Roofs with wood shingles are more at risk of developing an algae bloom because they provide a natural surface for it to propagate on. Factors like the material that your roofing consists of along with the level of shade exposure. Shaded areas are more prone to developing algae populations because there is limited exposure to UV light which would kill off the algae and keep it from spreading if the light exposure was abundant.

Cleaning your shingles on a semi-regular basis is another way to ensure that you avoid developing algae blooms on your roofing. You can take measures to take care of this on your own with a DIY approach or you can hire a professional to come and eradicate your problem from a position of expertise. Hiring a professional is highly recommended because they will be covered by insurance in the event an injury or accident occurs and they should guarantee the results of their work. Having knowledgeable professionals take care of potentially serious problems is usually the best course of action to avoid getting hurt, incurring greater expenses, or worse, both!

Does your Roof have an algae problem?

If you are dealing with an algae problem on your roof r roof shingles and you want it taken care of, Right Way Roofing in the Mesa, AZ metro area can take care of it along with any other roofing needs you may have. Give us a call at (480)232-5458 (East Valley) and (602)299-8851 today!

Tradesman can Damage Your Roof

Living in Arizona, having technicians working on your roof is very normal. From roof mounted air conditioning units to satellite dishes, most houses in the area have one or more appliances based on their roofs. Having these appliances placed on our roofs means that any work done on them will also need to take place on your roof as well. This means people walking, using tools and installing heavy equipment onto your roofing material who are not roofers. Many of the techniques used to install and maintain these appliances do not take the integrity of your roof into consideration and end up leaving you at risk for leaks and other roof related issues.

Having a satellite dish technician install a satellite on your roof involves the base for the dish being attached to your shingles and roofing with large and lengthy screws. Sometimes caulking is placed around the screws, but this will only temporarily keep water from leaking in through the screw holes. Over time wind will cause our dish to rock back and forth which will loosen the caulking and the seal along the surface of your roofing around the screw hole will be broken. Once the seal is broken water will trickle in every time it rains, which can be pretty brutal during monsoon season.

Air Conditioning technicians bring heavy tool boxes with them onto your roof. Dropping these heavy tool boxes or any of the tools can tear the roofing material. Truthfully, a visit from the A/C man will almost always damage your flashing. If a Freon line is being repaired the pitch pan flashing will be opened and damaged. It’s unfortunate, but it comes with the territory of being an Arizona home owner. Keeping your appliances properly maintained is a must just like keeping your roofing in good condition. Finding a way to balance both is vital.

Roofing Dangers of Wind Driven Rain

We are in the midst of a very wet stretch here in the valley of the sun. While the rain is not accompanied by a storm, there are times when the valley is rocked by severe winds and rain simultaneously. This brings up concerns about the potential of suffering damage from wind driven rain against your roof.  Rain can be erosive over time but when the wind is behind it, the effects can be greater as wind can blow rain water into areas it wouldn’t normally reach.  This can cause leaks that only show up when there is wind driven rain that won’t show up any other time, which can make them extremely hard and frustrating to find and deal with.

On their own, leaks can be very detrimental and infuriating. Leaks caused by wind driven rain can persist for years before they are noticed and that is very bad for multiple reasons. Depending on where the water enters your home, you could be at risk of developing mold. There are many different kinds of mold and almost all of them are harmful to the human respiratory system. Some forms, like black mold, can even be deadly if humans are exposed to them. Leaks caused by wind driven rain can lead to major mold growths that could actually cause your home to be condemned and deemed inhabitable. If this happens, not only will you need to spend the resources necessary to fix the leak and your roofing, you will also have to pay to have the mold removed professionally. After the mold removal you may need to have your home routinely inspected for a period of time in order to ensure that it is safe to live in. You will have to pay for each inspection and you are still at risk of possibly losing your home to condemnation.

Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you have a commercial facility, maintaining your roofing system is an inevitable reality that you have probably already been faced with. Getting the most out of your roofing system should be a major priority because it plays such a large role in the overall efficiency of your commercial facility. Here are some dos and don’ts to for caring for your commercial roof.


  • Have routine inspections performed at least twice annually. The guarantee on your roofing may require a certain number of inspections to be performed throughout the year. The end of winter and the end of summer are the ideal times to have inspections performed as they are the harshest seasons of the year.
  • Have inspections performed after events such as severe storms, high wind, fire, possible explosions, or hail. Taking constant note of the condition of your roofing only enhances your ability to get the most out of your roof.
  • Keep the records of your inspection in a file where they can be referenced in the future.
  • Log all trips to the roof by any technicians or employees. Take measures to keep tools etc from being dropped on the roofing and possibly damaging it.
  • Clean your roof regularly.
  • Create a protocol for accessing your roof. Keep all access points locked when they are not in use.
  • Keep roofing drains clean



  • Allow any person who is less than qualified to access your roof.
  • Allow anyone other than a certified technician to alter your roof in any way.
  • Allow any unqualified person to clean your roof with a power washer or any other heavy equipment.
  • Store or move heavy equipment across your roofing.
  • Puncture the membrane of the roofing.
  • Neglect your roofing maintenance for any reason. Your roof is your facilities first and most important line of defense against the elements and is the biggest contributor to your buildings overall energy efficiency.