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How Will Your Roof Hold Up Against High Winds

Wind is one of the most powerful forces on our planet and it has the power to devastate and destroy anything in its path. Your home is definitely no exception to the rule; in fact, it’s probably more at risk than most objects the wind can affect.  The force of the wind against the exterior of your home should be accounted for in its design. In an efficiently build house, the idea is to transfer the energy of the force generated by the wind against your house to the ground through the foundation.  There are steps you can take to augment your homes ability to transfer the force and energy efficiently in order to protect your family as well as your investment in your home.

Since knowledge is power, the first thing you should do to enhance your homes ability to endure high winds is find out what kind of roof your home has.  The roofs that you see shaped like the letter A are gabled roofs. The side of the roof that looks like the ‘A ‘takes and absolute pounding when wind hits it directly and if proper bracing isn’t present on those sides, the walls could collapse from the force of the wind against it. There are usually trusses in place that have been manufactured for the exact purpose of keeping the walls braced on the exposed sides of your gabled roof. Making sure these trusses are properly installed can be the difference between making minor home repairs and replacing a wall, let alone anything that may end up as collateral damage from the wall collapsing.

A trip to your attic should afford you the perspective you need to be able to see if your home has quality reinforcement where it needs it. Make sure your home and family are safe by arming yourself with the knowledge necessary to be aware of the type and condition of your roof and how it will withstand high winds.

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