How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take Mesa AZ

To protect your home’s value and everything inside of them it’s critical to get roofing damage repaired. Home owners know that there is a level of disruption with any construction project. That’s why a lot of Mesa residents are asking; how long does roof replacement take?

Roof Replacement Time Factors

While the question is common, the answer does vary. There are many factors that can affect how long a roofing replacement will take.

Extent Of Damage – Clearly if it is a small section of a big roof, it will not take a few days. If the section is small enough it might only take a few hours. In contrast if it is a whole roof replacement there is work that needs to be done to remove all of the old roofing. Then the substrate must be replaced and new roofing put down. With complete re-roofing there is also some time spent reattaching trim pieces and rain gutters.

Type Of Roofing Material – Certain types of roofing take longer to put down. Shingles are relatively easy to put down and nail into place. While slate does take longer to install. Choosing a roofing material can greatly impact how long the roof is expected to last. Choosing a durable material does more than just ensure that your home lasts, but can increase the value.

Weather – Rain storms are not the roofer’s friend. While the biggest danger for roofers is the lightning, having water leak into the attic during the roofing process can be a problem. Typically a scheduled work date will be set, if there is inclement weather on the day or days work was scheduled the process might be put back to ensure that your roof is taken care of properly.

Pitch Of Roof – Flat roofs are easy to stand and work on. Steep roofs require more physical effort to climb up and stand on. Many times some involve safety harnesses that restrict movement. The pitch of the roof can affect the working conditions and increase the amount of time it takes to replace the roof.

Complexity Of Roof – Some homes have two surfaces, a front and a back. These roofs are very simple to put roofing onto. However some homes have more modern and architecturally interesting features. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the home, but they do take longer to put roofing on. Planning has to be done depending on the roofing system to make sure the seams are in the right places.

Size Of Home – Naturally the project is a complete roof replacement the size of the roof is a big factor in how long it will take. Small homes can be completed in just a couple of days. Larger homes can take considerably longer. Some times larger homes or commercial properties can take a week or two.

Location Of Home – Different cities and counties in Arizona have different codes, inspection requirements, and permit procedures. The time it takes to get this part of the project done varies by location. Generally more rural areas take less time to get the permits and have fewer restrictions for what materials or colors are used.


These are the factors that affect how long it will take to replace your roof. The question is, how many of those factors exist for your roofing job? Every roof is different so the only way to know, is to talk to a roofing expert. In Mesa, Arizona you can choose the Right Way roofing company to help you with your roofing projects. Give us a call today to start the process of repairing or upgrading your Mesa roofing at 602-299-8851 or 602-232-5458.

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