How To Handle Hail Damaged Roofing

How To Handle Hail Damaged Roofing Phoenix

Hail storms happen in the Phoenix area. These storms can damage cars, houses, and all sorts of property. Your roof is your main source of protection at home and at work. Severe hail storms will damage roofs, and be followed by opportunistic roofing repair people. So we created a guide to how to handle hail damaged roofing.

Hail Damage Is Big Business

Believe it or not mobile roofing contractors have taken advantage of storm prediction software and track storms that look like they are going to produce hail and head for the towns and cities that are in their wake. They can even get specific and only focus on the higher income neighborhoods to get the biggest payout.

It might seem nice that a bunch of contractors suddenly show up like the Red Cross with hammers. The difference is that the Red Cross is a temporary service and your roof needs to be rebuilt and last for another 40 years. You want a contractor that is licensed to work in your area and is going to be there in case your roof needs any warranty work.

Metal Roofing, A Hail Of A Good Option

Metal roofs, including aluminum roofs have seen great success in areas that experience hail. One of the great benefits of a metal roof is that it will withstand a hail storm just as well 10 years down the road as the day it was installed. Metal has the edge over many other roofing systems as they tend to get sun damage, get brittle, and are not ready to withstand the punishment a big hail storm will deliver.

Metal roofing can carry a rating and be UL listed. The UL code 2218 is an impact resistance rating. If the roofing you choose or already have installed has this rating it means that it much be able to survive the impact from a 2” ball which is dropped from 20 feet in the air. The metal roofing must not split or come apart. Metal roofing is one of the few options which can actually pass a test of this magnitude.

Metal Roofing And Insurance Discounts

Some insurance companies recognize the strength of metal roofing. If the roof is a UL 2218 roof there might be discounts available. In some cases the insurance company will only offer the discounts if there is a cosmetic wavier signed. What this means is that if there is a hail storm that peppers your roof they will only pay to replace the roof if there is actual structural damage. If there are just dents but your roof isn’t leaking they might refuse to pay to replace it.

The cost savings per month isn’t significant enough to risk being stuck with a golf ball textured roof. So many times it’s better to pay a little extra a month but know that if a sever hail storm is on its way that you’ll be covered by your roof, and your insurance company.

What To Do If You Have Hail Damage On Your Roof

The storm has passed and now you have to assess the damage. You may or may not know what to look for, and you might not really want to get up on a damaged roof without knowing where to step.

Caution Before And After The Storm

After the hail will come the hellos from many of the hail storm chasing roofing contractors. Many of these contractors that follow storms will try to get a local address they can use to appear local. Check their credentials, and try to find listings and reviews from them that are local. Some even go so far as to claim they are from roofing Manufacturer Company. This doesn’t happen and these are the characters to be wary of. Some of these roofing companies also carry contracts which, with your signature, allow them to claim the right to work with your insurance company to repair the roof. Once that document is signed you no longer have control over who you choose as the insurance company will be legally required to use the roofer with that has your signed contract.

Aesthetic Or Structural Damage?

Aesthetic damage is surface dents. This is damage that doesn’t actually affect the performance of the roof. In fact many time after a hail storm it can be hard to tell if some of the damage was there before the storm. This is a situation where you might choose to ignore it.

Structural Damage however means that you see seams have opened up or trim has broken loose. If you can see sections of your roof that are clearly damaged you have no choice but to nip it in the bud and get it fixed. Your best bet to finding the right roofing company is to contact your local roofer. Someone that might have built the roof in the first place or will still be in the area and able to help you with any other minor repairs and warranty their work.

Local Roof Hail Damage Repair

After the storm passes everyone wants someone that they can trust. Someone that has been working in the area for decades and intends on being in business in your home town for the long haul. Right Way Roofing is Phoenix and Mesa’s first choice when it comes to reliable roofing repair.

If you’ve had hail damage or any storm related damage to your roof give us a call today for a free inspection. We’ll assess the damage and help you find an affordable solution to fixing your roof.

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