Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof Part 2

Back for part two on our piece about things to consider when upgrading or replacing your roof. We outlined several factors last time and we will be doing the same with this piece. Remember as you go over this list that you are making one of the bigger investments you may ever make when you decide to upgrade or replace your roof. That being the case, every factor involved should be carefully and thoroughly considered. So, without further ado, here is part two!

Look and Style of the Roof: Your roof can do a lot to add to the appearance and aesthetic appeal of your home as well as raise the value of your property. That should be something that is majorly considered in regard to both appearance and function. Materials can vary in cost substantially so this factor can heavily dictate the cost of the project and will affect your budget more than probably any other factor.

Slope of the Roof: The overall slope or pitch of your roof majorly factors into the type of roof that will work most efficiently with your home.  Further there may be steep sections of the roof along with flatter sections.

Roofing over the old roof or Tearing it off: Making the decision to install new roofing on top of already installed shingles is never the most desireable way to go about installing new roofing. The materials used in roofing are very heavy and making sure that the understructure of your roof can withstand the weight is a huge safety point. Unless you have a flat roof, roofing over existing materials is really not the way you should go.

There you go! Part two in the books! Take these factors as well as the ones outlined in part one and carefully analyze your situation before you make the important decisions involved with replacing or upgrading your roof.


Finding the Right Roofing Contractor

The skill level of roofing contractors out there in the world varies greatly and if you are in the market for roof work, you should definitely look into the history and reputation of any roofer or roofing company that you may consider hiring. Some roofers specialize in niche issues like leaks or ventilation and knowing the strengths of your available options is important and can majorly benefit you as well as possibly save you money.

If you need a total roof replacement done, choose a contractor who is generally strong in all areas may would probably benefit you the most as the job will be of higher quality through and through because every aspect of your entire roof is being replaced. It would make sense to pay more for a contractor that can adeptly serve all purposes in a replacement scenario, however if you are in the market for something small, like a leak of something comparable, it might make more sense to find a contractor that specializes in fixing leaks. Odds are you will save money in this scenario and have your malady addresses very adequately.  The important thing in all of this is maximizing the value for every dollar you put out. Roof work is rarely cheap, so ideally you want to undergo roof work the minimal amount possible.  Doing your due diligence when researching roofing contractors will prevent future headaches and stress due to diminishing property value and a dwindling bank account.

Aside from the financial aspects, getting proper work done on your roof is a matter of safety and functionality. A compromised roof can lead to a large number of problems ranging from minor to catastrophic. Finding a contractor with a highly regarded track record will keep your home efficient and its inhabitants safe and comfortable. Right Way Roofing in the Phoenix, AZ area is  a highly regarded commercial and residential roofing contractor that can adequately fulfill all of your roofing needs. Give us a call at 480-232-5458 (East Valley) 602-299-8851 (West Valley)  today!

Do You Know Your Roof?

Many people don’t commit much time to understanding the surface of their roof and, let’s face it, they probably shouldn’t dedicate much time to it unless they are roofers or preparing to get roof work done on their home or business.  Another thing most people don’t think about is how the environment effects their roof. Some materials can become hot to the point they are dangerous to even touch while other materials can become damaged by being exposed to too much water or temperatures that are extremely low. Fluctuations in weather, especially of the extreme variety, can really play havoc on your roof.

Having the right materials for the environment around your home can save you a lot of money and discomfort in the long run. Having your roof redone is an extremely expensive process and one that nobody wants to repeat or do more often than is absolutely necessary. Aside from the cost of replacing or upgrading your roof, having a roof fail can put you and your family out of your home and potentially for a long time which can also carry burdensome cost depending on what your insurance will cover.

The weather and environment around your home can also dictate when your roof can be worked on. The job of a roof worker carries inherent risk and a roof with the wrong materials for the environment can amplify the level of risk that comes with the work.  If you have a roofing failure and roof workers cannot work on your roof under the current conditions, you and your family will be put in an uncomfortable and unexpected for an extended amount of time.

Having a basic knowledge of your roof and it’s materials can  help you avoid many an inconvenience and save a good amount of money as time goes.

Things to Consider When Replacing Your Roof

If you are in the market to upgrade/replace your residential roof there are several factors that you should definitely consider. Getting any roof work done is an expensive endeavor, let alone replacing the entire roof, so you should set your future investment up to be as efficient as possible. This blog is going to outline a few areas that you should thoroughly look at when making your decision.

  1. Budget: The first thing you should consider is how much you have in the way of resources to put into your new roof. As outlined above, roof replacements are never cheap and you want the most out of your investment. You also do not want to break the bank and leave yourself lacking necessary funds after the project is complete. Carefully considering your budget before the project starts is extremely important and should be the first step in your process.
  2. Location, Location, Location: The surrounding environment of your residence should weigh in heavily on the materials that are used to build your roof. If you live in an area that is exposed to high winds, you need materials that can stand up against the force being deployed against them. Rains and water exposure are also going to majorly effect your roof, especially if you live by a large body of water or the ocean. Salt water can play havoc on lesser materials.
  3. Is it owned or a rental: If you are planning on staying in the home for the long term then it would be wise to invest more in your new roof in order to avoid having to do the same rebuild operation sooner than later. If, however, you are only renting or planning on leaving the home relatively soon, then heavily investing would not be advised.

These are just a few factors that should be considered when replacing your roof. Stay tuned for part two of this blog where we will cover more factors that will be at play when rebuilding your roof!

Roofing Repair Services

If you are in the Phoenix area and are in the market for roofing services, Right Way Roofing is the way to go. Check out our introduction video here:

Things That Can Wear Down Your Roof

Your roof protects you and your family from being disturbed by outside elements, but its constant exposure to those same elements can erode at its protective qualities over time.  We are going to go over some of these common agents of erosion that can easily be taken care of with some routine inspections and maintenance.

Structural Shifting – Buildings move and shift a lot throughout the day. Structures expand, contract and settle over time. If a building’s roof is not designed and built to account for and accommodate the natural movement of a building will suffer various inevitable failures over time.

Vegetation Growth – Standing water can gather in spots on roofs and lead to the growth of undesired vegetation and algae, molds, and mildew. These growths can not only be a health hazard, but can wear away at the integrity of your roof. Regular inspection and maintenance is the only way to preempt this potential issue.

The Elements – The Arizona climate is very extreme and harsh on anything exposed to it continually. Sun, rain, and dust are major agents of erosion and wear that your roof will see in extreme forms throughout the seasons.  Air pollutants can also play into the degradation of your roofs integrity. Again, the only way to gauge the environments effect on your roof is to have it regularly inspected and maintained.

Repurposing of The Building – When a building sees a major change in its everyday use a lot of new factors can and will effect your roof and your building. For instance, increased traffic will bring increased condensation with it and that extra moisture alone can greatly effect various aspects of your structure including your roof.

Getting your roof routinely inspected and maintained will save you a lot of hassle and money in the future and we highly recommend it. Call Right Way Roofing today at 480-232-5458 in the East Valley and 602-29-8851 in the West Valley have your roof inspected and maintained!

Considering Roof Coatings

If you are thinking about replacing your roof you may want to consider an alternative that could save you a ton of money and extend the life of your current roofing; coating your roof.  It may actually end up being a better option for your home or business.

Almost all types of roofing can be coated as long as they are in good enough condition, save for asphalt roofs.   The type of roofing that coating can make the biggest difference for is metal roofing. You can seal leaks and reinforce the stability of the roof to a degree while also enhancing aesthetically. Some coats act as a new membrane, including fabric and even carry warranties to cover you in case you are not satisfied with the results.  Another benefit of coating your roof is that there is no permit necessary to do so which will push the savings even further.

In some cases you can use a roof coating as its own roofing system. Roof coating can be applied directly over plywood and can serve as a low cost, light-weight option that will allow you to overlay an already existing roof.  If you do use a coating as a standalone roofing system, you may want to consider a premium level coat. Many of these coats carry water tight warranties of 10-15 years so you can rest easy knowing that you will be covered if things go any way other than according to plan. If you play it right, you could get away with renewing your coat instead of your entire roof in another 10-15 years!

Roofing is always a big undertaking and finding cost effective, yet efficient methods can be a difficult task. Roof coatings are the rare exception and should at least be brought into the realm of consideration for anybody thinking about replacing their roof.


Commercial Roofing Maintenance is Important!

Commercial roofing maintenance is extremely important and should be a top priority for any business facility.  Putting routine roofing maintenance on the back burner can end up being extremely expensive and costly in many ways over the long term.

Suffering a commercial roofing failure is going to cost a good amount of money when you consider repairing the roofing alone. The damage and expense can extend well past the damaged roofing materials, however. Water damage, sun exposure, pest infestation,  hot or cold outside air, and ruined equipment are just some of the auxiliary effects that can happen and the total cost of fixing everything after a commercial roofing failure can become astronomical!

There are myriad reasons that a commercial roof can fail and most are easily avoidable. Poor design, low quality materials, inadequate installation, nature, oblivious tenants, changes in what the building is used for, roof traffic and lack of routine maintenance are all common cause of commercial. If you are proactive in your approach to commercial roofing maintenance, you will be equipped to notice the symptoms and mitigate them before they can cause a failure.

Most often times, roofing warranties stipulate regular maintenance in order to stay valid. It may be tempting to cut spending corners by forgoing or truncating the amount of roof maintenance you have performed on average, but you will no doubt pay exponentially more for the oversight over time. Any kind of roofing endeavor is going to be a large financial undertaking, so why not get the most out of your investment and keep it efficiently producing for you for years or even decades? Why pay more than you have to for your roofing?

Routine maintenance will go a long way toward your business to stay in the black and maintaining a regular flow and routine to your daily business.

Rodents and Your Roof

While we have all been going about our lives throughout the generations, there has been an invisible war going on just above our heads; the war between roofs and rodents. Rodents are a natural and ancient enemy of the roof and the two will probably be at odds as long as either one exists.  This battle effects us in various ways and this collateral damage takes many forms.

Rodents seek warmth during the colder months of the year and your roof is one of their go to places to find it. One of the ways they find warmth is digging holes through your shingles and the components underneath creating openings for other pests, moisture, debris etc to make its way into your homes under structure. Over time this can degrade the protective qualities of your roof and can compromise the physical condition of your home as well as diminishing it’s overall energy efficiency.

While your roof can serve as shelter for various rodents, a lot of them use the roof as passage way to get to their favorite place to shack up; your attic. Attics are like 5 star hotels to rodents looking for an escape from the cold and the elements outdoors. Constant warmth, shelter and plenty of space, rodents can have a field day if they make it into your attic and are afforded plenty of room to breed and multiply. If you have an out of control rodent community develop, your house could sustain significant damage and loss of property value. On top of that, exterminating a large rodent infestation can be lengthy, messy, and worst of all costly. Most people are freaked out by the prospect of having pests and rodents sharing their personal spaces with them. The specter of these unwanted housemates can seriously impact the daily quality of life for anyone who lives within or visits your residence.

Being aware of this semi-secret war can do a lot to benefit you and your family, as well as your home. Rodents are small, but can multiply quickly and before you know it you may be surrounded by generations of rodents as well as their hair, dander and feces. The presence of these elements can aggravate allergies as well as cause health issues, some of which are potentially serious. Protect your home’s value and your family’s health. Have your roof regularly inspected and maintained in order to avoid the potential calamity of a rodent invasion.

Roof Ventilation 101

Ventilating you attic is important for several reasons. If an attic is not properly ventilated you are most likely in line for a plethora of problems that can grow from small nuisance into full fledged urgent issues. It’s important in the summer months to let heat out of your attic so your air conditioning system can efficiently operate. If the attic is allowed to heat up then the overall temperature of your entire house will be much higher than it would be with proper ventilation. That means that even after your air conditioning system has cooled your home, it will heat up more quickly, forcing you’re a/c to kick back on a lot sooner than it would otherwise. This leads to much higher electricity bills and a significantly reduced life span for your air conditioning unit.  Air conditioners are not small investments and it would serve you well to do everything within your power to extend the life of your system and avoid incurring an unexpected and large expense.

Aside from excessive heat in the summer, there are also other issues that can pop up as are result of not having proper roof ventilation. Moisture can build up in the cooler months and can cause damage to possessions and mold growth to spread throughout your attic. Having your possessions compromised is one thing and it’s bad enough on its own, but mold spreading in your home is a major and potentially fatal problem.  Certain kinds of mold are extremely toxic to the human organism and if you continually breathe in the spores unwittingly, you can end up with a very unpleasant surprise in the health department. Even if the mold that grows isn’t of the extremely toxic variety, it is still very unhealthy for your respitory system to intake even a minor irritant day in and day out for extended periods of time.

Proper roof ventilation is key to maintaining the efficiency of your home and its systems. With proper care, your various investments in your home can last you a long time and stretch you hard earned dollars a lot farther. Call Right Way Roofing in Phoenix today at 480-232-5458 (East Valley) and 602-299-8851 (West Valley) to get any of your roofing questions answered and to get any necessary quotes.

Prepping For Roof Work

Having roof work done is no small task, especially if you are getting something done like shingle replacement. You have to choose the style, color, material and find a contractor that combines the right mix of quality and fair pricing. After all of that you need to prepare to have your home under constructive siege for a period of time. There are several things you can do to prepare and the more informed you are about the process that is about to happen, the more efficiently you can prepare. Here are some steps you can take to make the process as unobtrusive as possible for you and your family.

Making your property accessible to the crew that is about to work on your roof is very important and can make a big difference in the amount of time it takes to finish the job. Things like keeping cars clear of your driveway so they can set up equipment and keep supplies close weight a lot on how efficient the crew can be with time. Generally, keeping the perimeter of your home cleared will aide the process greatly and reduce the chance for any kind of accident occurring. It’s not easy to surrender you outdoor space, but it will be worthwhile during the process of having your roof worked on. The benefits of efficient time use and increased safety in the surrounding environment will outweigh any inconvenience you may feel or experience by not have your normal access to your yard etc.

Keeping your children and pets indoors and away from the construction site/materials is also majorly important. There are a lot of potential hazards on a construction site, from rogue materials to falling debris. Kids and pets can step on or ingest nails or other small trinkets, get mixed up with the crew’s tools and equipment or even become victim to falling materials from your roof. Construction workers wear hard hats and protective gloves and boots for a reason; construction zones are inherently unsafe. It is a good idea to have some kind of head protection for when you or any loved ones need to venture outside during the roofing process. Safety truly needs to be priority number one with roofing or any construction oriented undertaking.

Prepare for noise and you may need to relocate a satellite dish if necessary, but it will all be worth it when you have that sparkling new roof and your family and pets are happy, safe, and sound!